A Trial Lawyer Can Make The Difference In Criminal And Matrimonial Law

I am attorney Carol K. Morgan and for 18 years, I have dedicated my career to protecting people in matrimonial law and criminal law cases. Clients rely on my experience as a trial attorney who seeks favorable resolutions through strong negotiating and, when appropriate, arguing a case at trial. Because I am always ready to go to trial, I have an advantage during negotiations. You can learn about how this may help you by contacting my Kingston law firm.

Fighting Tirelessly To Protect Your Record And Freedom

I understand that all criminal charges are critical to your future, regardless of their severity. Even a relatively minor charge can affect your life if you are convicted. That is why I work relentlessly to mitigate the consequences you face. I have built a good reputation and good working relationships with prosecutors and court personnel throughout New York, which can be helpful in negotiating a solution to your case. When negotiation is not productive, I will fight hard at trial to protect your rights.

I defend clients against misdemeanor and felony charges in state and federal court, including:

  • Drug offenses
  • Manslaughter
  • Assault and battery
  • Traffic
  • Domestic Violence
  • Shoplifting

Please contact me to learn about your criminal defense needs. It is best to begin as soon as possible so I can investigate the case and start protecting your rights.

You Need A Skilled, Compassionate Attorney For Divorce And Family Law Matters

Facing divorce and custody cases is extraordinarily stressful. There are numerous issues to resolve and they are all important. Who will keep the house? How will complex assets be divided? How much time will you get to spend with your children? Will you pay or receive spousal and/or child support?

You can rely on me for strong, caring representation, whether you have an uncontested or contested divorce. I have handled hundreds of family law cases. Whether you are the plaintiff (the one who filed for divorce) or the defendant (the person the plaintiff wants to divorce), you can be certain I have the necessary knowledge and experience. I can help you work out issues in family court, including child custody and child support. When you are ready, I can represent you in the New York Supreme Court, which is the only court that resolves divorces. Your divorce is not legally over until a judge signs the Judgment of Divorce.

Do you have a common-law marriage? It is important to note that New York state recognizes common-law marriages only under certain circumstances. Please speak with me before you move forward with a divorce in this case.

Today Is The Day To Get Started With A Free Consultation

You can get answers to your criminal and matrimonial law questions by contacting me online or by calling the Law Offices of Carol K. Morgan, P.C., at 845-399-5110. You will feel better once you have taken the first step toward resolving your case.