Knowledgeable Criminal Defense And Matrimonial Law Attorney

The Law Offices of Carol K. Morgan provides legal advocacy to fight allegations of criminal offenses and protects your rights in matrimonial disputes. 

Aggressive Trial Advocacy For Clients In Ulster County And Throughout Southeastern New York For 18 Years

An Attorney Who Has Strong Relationships With Prosecutors And Court Staff

Licensed to practice in New York and before the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York and the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, I am passionate about protecting the rights of my clients to the full extent of the law.

I am constantly researching updates in legislation, statutes and case law to provide the next level of representation for my clients. I understand the nuances of the various courts throughout the municipalities in southeastern New York.

I take the time to learn your whole story so I can negotiate effectively at pretrial conferences. I meticulously prepare each case to go to trial and have developed a solid reputation for my ability to achieve dismissals, reductions of penalties, probation and alternative sentencing. I do not guarantee the outcome of your case – no criminal defense attorney can – but I do guarantee an aggressive and intelligent approach to defend your freedom and obtain to best possible outcome in your best interests.

If you have been arrested for allegations of a misdemeanor or felony, call my office in Kingston right away.

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Criminal defense and matrimonial law

Criminal Defense And Matrimonial Law

Are You Looking For A Divorce Lawyer?

I am passionate about providing my clients with a complete understanding of how New York law is going to affect their divorce and the next chapter of their lives following their divorce. Everyone has a distinct situation and my clients appreciate coming to an attorney who understands the full scope of problems that arise during divorce. Who gets the house, who gets the horses and dogs? What about the scope of your children’s future education and stability?

It can be difficult to create a settlement agreement for an equitable division of marital property on your own when there are several homes to keep or sell, art collections to divide and pets to re-home alongside the emotional turmoil of separation and divorce. I understand many situations involve veiled assets; I can help you discover and inventory all assets as well as the debts each party contributed to your marriage and determine what you will need to secure your future.

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In addition to representing people, I enjoy fostering rescue dogs and horses, and I also compete in equestrian events with my horse. I’m a licensed real estate broker and can help you sell or purchase a home.